National Bible Week in Mozambique

The Episcopal Commission for Biblical Pastoral of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique has organised a National Bible Week (SEBINA) from 20 to 27 September 2020 for all Archdioceses, Dioceses, Parishes, Religious Communities, under the slogan: The Word is near you (Dt 30:14).

Bible Week marked the closing of the Year of the Word of God, the 16th centenary of the death of St Jerome, and at the same time it was intended to encourage familiarity with the Bible through themes related to its genesis, composition, transmission, canonization, interpretation, experience and celebration. Furthermore, the Biblical Week aimed at helping every baptized person to become aware that he or she must be a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ, deepening love of the sacred texts and proclaiming the Gospel, so that all may have life and have it in abundance (Jn 10:10).

The SEBINA was organized in the following way:

  • Sunday 20th September – Opening at Mass/Family/Religious Community/Other GROUPS
  • Monday 21 September: Theme: “Bible: Word of God and the Human Word”
  • Tuesday 22 September – Theme: “History of the Canon of Scripture: How did the Bible come to us?”
  • Wednesday 23rd September – Theme: “Bible, Tradition and Magisterium”
  • Thursday 24 September – Theme: “Interpretation of the Bible in the Church”.
  • Friday 25 September – Theme: “Biblical Spirituality”
  • Saturday 26th September – Theme: “Use of the Bible in the Liturgy”.
  • Sunday 27 September: Closing at Mass/Family/Religious Community/Other groups.

During the preparatory phase, the Biblical Week subsidy was elaborated and spread in two formats (text and audio), the national contest for the selection of the Biblical Week logo was held; the national contest for the selection of the Biblical Week hymn was held, and the Biblical Week advertising spot was recorded and spread in Portuguese and in the various local languages.

To continue the Bible Week we are deepening the various themes through virtual platforms and Catholic Radio for selected groups (young people, catechists, liturgical coordinators, etc.).

Father José Joaquim L. Pedro, M.C.C.I.

Episcopal Commission for Biblical Pastoral Ministry

Episcopal Conference of Mozambique