Arnoldus Youth Bible Camp 2019

Bible camp for the youth organised by the ilizwi Biblical Centre in Plumtree, in Zimbabwe took place from 12th to 16 December 2019.

The ilizwi Biblical Centre in Plumtree, in Zimbabwe organizes two annual Bible camps for the Missionary childhood and youths mainly from the parishes under the pastoral of the Divine Word Missionaries(SVD) and also parishes that are in the deanery where the centre is located. The idea of bringing these young people at the centre is to teach them the bible so that they can develop the love for the word of God and that they can have the catholic way of understanding the Bible.

This year’s Bible camp for the youth took place from 12th to 16 December 2019. Due to the limited facilities at the Centre around 130 youths attended the camp. The ilizwi biblical Centre team took the participants through the entire Bible highlighting different parts of of the Bible and the main themes and teaching of each book of the Bible.

The participants were also taught ways on how to read, understand and share the word of God by teaching them different methods of Bible sharing. The young people were also taught ways on how to pray the Bible through lectio Divina. The participants were given materials on the topics that they were taught.

Apart from the Bible lessons other activities were organized for the youths such as sports and games that included soccer, volley, netball and swimming. Other activities included modelling , cultural dance and talent show.

At the end of the Bible camp the Bible quiz is the most important event of the camp was conducted with each parish represented by 3 youths. The Bible quiz is becoming more and more competitive as youths from different parishes fight hard to win it . This is because winning the Bible quiz for them means they are the best and they know the bible more than other youths. Winners are presented with the Bible shield. The presentation of the Bible Shield is done during the Sunday liturgy which also marks the conclusion of the Bible Camp. This year’s winners of the Bible quiz were youths from St. Bernadette parishes from the archdiocese of Bulawayo. The bible Shield was presented to the winners by Fr Vincent Victor Mwiya SVD , the director of the ilizwi Biblical Centre and also vice regional superior of the Divine Word Missionaries(SVD) in Zimbabwe.

Fr. Vincent Victor Mwiya SVD